Downtown Strategic Plan: A plan for the future.

Beginning in 2003, The Downtown Corvallis Association’s Strategic Planning Task Force began working on a long-range implementation plan for projects to enhance Downtown Corvallis and attract private investment. In an effort to solicit input from stakeholders, the DCA hosted extensive public outreach meetings. Some of the major items identified during those meetings include:

Developing a marketing and promotions plan to expand underserved markets such as men’s and women’s apparel

Design new Downtown business locator way-finding maps and signage

Investigate the viability of establishing a Downtown urban renewal district

Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a Downtown Commission (or similar body)

Evaluate and recommend changes to the business district zoning provisions, consistent with the vision for Downtown

Evaluate SDC fees to determine if reductions are justified

In addition to these items, the Task Force is coordinating a number of other efforts with various organizations, Boards, Commissions, and the City of Corvallis.


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