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Greenbelt Land Trust

Environmental Conservation & Ecological Services


The Greenbelt Land Trust (GLT) benefits the people of Oregon’s beautiful Mid-Willamette Valley by protecting open space in their communities. Working with willing landowners and private and governmental organizations, GLT has permanently safeguarded over 1,500 acres of farmland, forest, meadowland, and riparian areas. The Greenbelt currently owns 154 acres that we are actively restoring and utilizing for educational opportunities.

The Greenbelt Land Trust works strategically to secure significant natural areas in accordance with a careful plan. And strives for connectivity, linking protected natural areas with parks and public spaces to provide wildlife corridors, protect valuable natural resources, and expand opportunities for low-impact recreation and renewal. Protected—and connected—these natural areas make our communities more desirable as places to live and work, and help preserve Oregon’s distinctive landscape and character.


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Website: www.greenbeltlandtrust.org

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